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PPA Printer-Support RPM Packages for MANDRAKE Linux distributions.

The pnm2ppa project team

v0.2 June 11, 2002
Information about using pnm2ppa with Mandrake. (Updated for pnm2ppa-1.04 and later.)

Mandrake-specific issues.

See the document INSTALL.REDHAT.html for installation and setup. That document is written for Red Hat; note the Mandrake-specific differences listed below,

To update pnm2ppa in any recent Mandrake release (7.2 or later) from v1.04 to v1.10, the simplest procedure may be just to compile pnm2ppa from tarball source and replace the Mandake binaries /usr/bin/pnm2ppa and /usr/bin/calibrate_ppa with the new versions. They should function as drop-in replacements, with the same user interface, but improved image quality. (You may also wish to use the newer pnm2ppa.conf configuration file template).

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