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Fco Javier Sedano Jarillo <>

Ver. 1.03 - 01 November 2000

ABSTRACT: this document helps installing a Hewlett-Packard DeskJet 710, 712, 720, 722, 820 and 1000 series printer. This filter takes output from GhostScript in any pnmraw format (pbmraw, black&white; ppmraw, color; and pgmraw, grayscale) and outputs PPA, which is usu- ally fed directly to the printer port. PPA is a proprietary protocol created by HP to print via the bi-directional parallel printer port to their new generation of inkjet printers. This filter might work on any PPA based printer given a little effort.

1. Introduction

2. Compilation/installation

3. Calibration

4. Cleaning the print heads

5. Credits

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