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last updated August 15, 2000

August 15, 2000

It looks as if the old web site at HTTP Tech has gone away. We rescued the items and plonked on SourceForge. 

January 11, 2000

We've opened up an account on SourceForge, an Open Source development area. Visit us!

May 16, 1999

I've added a few links to the references page.

March 14, 1999

Many thanks to Joe at httptech.com for volunteering to host these web pages! I've had to move them because my alumni account no longer allows web page access. Many thanks also to all the other volunteers!

November 27, 1998

I signed up for some mailing lists on listbot.com. You can join them from the main page (click "Information").

October 20, 1998

Ooops! 0.8.5 had a bug in it that caused it not to print. Download 0.8.6 instead!

Release notes for pbm2ppa 0.8.6

Fixed bug in ppa.c that tried to free invalid memory. Ooops, Tim's fault!

October 18, 1998

I've moved the release notes to this page.

Version 0.8.5 is released!!

October 11, 1998

The web page has been restructured a little, including the addition of this page.

HP has released a new printer - the 710 series. You can use pbm2ppa with these printers by configuring it as if you had a 720 printer.

Software release notes

Release notes for pbm2ppa 0.8.5

Expanded Makefile macros to work with more versions of make (e.g. FreeBSD)

Added support for A4-sized paper!

Fixed a bug that caused an infinite loop.

Fixed a memory leak 

Miscellaneous bug fixes

Changes for pbm2ppa from version 0.8.3 to 0.8.4

Fixed a bug that caused horrendous shearing effects on the 820 (and probably others). There is still a small problem with shearing and intensity differences between sweeps, but the overall quality is much improved. Thanks to Joe Dery for his bug report and help fixing the problem.

Changes for pbm2ppa from version 0.8.2 to 0.8.3

Compression support! Much faster printing!
Tips for RedHat printtool users in README.REDHAT