Reporting problems with pnm2ppa

If you are reading this page, then you probably are having trouble installing or configuring pnm2ppa. Please go through the following steps before sending email.

  1. Read the documentation included in the archive. That's what it's there for.
  2. Read the FAQ!!! It should answer most of your questions.
  3. Check the archives for ppa.users and/or ppa.devel to see if your question has been answered before.

What now?

If you did all the above and are still having problems, you have two options. You can either send me email, or post a message to one of the mailing lists. The mailing lists are especially useful if you have unusual hardware or product-specific questions (e.g. How can I get StarOffice to print?). I don't have many of these software packages, so I don't know. If you send me email, please include the following information:

Also include any other information you think is relevant.